Inside Green Favourites: Best Books for Your Jungle Home

We get it, you’ve been obsessed with those beautiful urban jungle homes on Instagram, and you dream about turning yours into one - but where do you start? Start with Inside Green! We’ve been reading and curating the all-about-plants and gardening books, and come up with the best three that would be your ultimate guide in turning your living space into a private green oasis (you’re welcome!).

Start with the clear and easy-to-follow Plant Society by Jason Chongue.


This book will guide you step-by-step in finding the best plants for your indoor space. By showing you how to mimic a microclimate, you can then begin growing all kinds of plants in your homes. From tropical plant encyclopedia and basics in soil, light, watering, cleaning and temperature - this book will have got you covered. Consider it your best friend, from choosing your houseplants to keeping them alive and well!

Now, let’s get creative with Wild at Home by Hilton Carter.


This book is about finding your plant parenting ’style’ by understanding the form, shape and scale of your plants. You will find tons of inspiration, from choosing the right pot and base trays to all kinds of DIY plant-related projects (Ummm, ’plant hammock’? Yes, please!). Not only that he covered his own jungle home in this book, but also he included his tours to the home of other creative plant people. This book will wildly take your plant game to the next level!

Decorating with Plants by Baylor Chapman, for that final touch on your personal jungle home.


This book offers the best room-by-room guide suggesting plants that are particularly well suited to each location and offering a myriad design solutions for spaces big and small, dim and brightly lit. Using plants to tie the different spaces together, your houseplants suddenly can function as a green room divider, or a tabletop centrepiece, or even a living night light. This book shows that plants are a wonderful way to communicate your style and add “soul” to space!